Who are we?

We are Olivier, Romaric and Rémi Gouedard-Comte, three creatives and entrepreneurs located in Lyon (France) and supported by a team of developers giving a lot of importance to files and data safety and privacy.

We provide a unique and innovating service meeting the new needs of interactive content sharing and communication for businesses and public organizations of all sizes; needs that are not being met by file transfer services on the market nor by collaborative work applications.


Our vision

Businesses and public organizations are dealing with the intensification of their exchanges needing rich content sharing (videos, pictures… not text only). In this context, a significant number of them doesn’t want to simply transfer files anymore. They want to share in an interactive way their contents with their customers, their partners or their teams.

They also want to be able to highlight their brand (by customising their background) and to broadcast contents releated to their communication actions (promotional and advertising campaigns), content visible by their clients, partners or teams during the downloading time to display.

Lastly, businesses and public organizations want their team to share content hassle-free. Meaning without having to create an account for each user and being limited by size and quantity of files sent.


Our mission

In accordance with this vision, we gave ourselves one mission : enable businesses and public organizations to change the way they share their contents.

This mission requires us to take up four challenges :

Enrich the global experience of users who share contents on a regular basis and more specifically creatives who operate in many fields end also in the Communication Departments; not only their experience as senders but their experience as recipients as well.

Replace traditional file transfer by an innovating and powerful service enabling businesses and public organizations to enhance their brand and to communicate with these same actors.

Provide a profitable offer without ad revenue but financed instead by the purchase of credits according to a transparent Pay As You Go business model without time limitation for bought credits.

Lastly, create a brand dedicated to the world of creatives to encourage them to leave free file transfer services that are free but “polluted” by advertising contents or paying services with constraints, damping down their practices and complicating the use of the service by a high number of users (burdensome management of users’ accounts). Instead, we give them a multi-purpose sharing service originally designed for businesses and public organizations of all sizes, easy to use with a high number of users, much richer than traditional file transfer services and less constraining than collaborative work applications.



Other than constant search for great easiness of use that constitutes a prerequisite for our team, four main guidelines make up Smash’ DNA to bring more value to companies and public enterprises :

1.    Highlight their contents

2.    Make their interactivity easier

3.    Boost their communication

4.    Stimulate their creativity