Why get Premium for collaborators?


A leverage to boost your company’s communication

Benefit from files transferred by all your collaborators to boost your company’s communication with your customers or partners.


Gain of time for your collaborators

Your collaborators will send and receive files effortlessly without having to log into an account every time they use Smash Premium. They only have to type their email address in the form.


Keep control over exchanged files

Oversee and make sure your company’s privacy policy is respected within sent and received files by all collaborators thanks to a centralized data reporting. Analyze recurring uses thanks to this reporting.



Rather than multiply Premium subscriptions (10 € per month), save by choosing a single account for Premium for Teams.. 



Receive each month a single invoice for all collaborators rather than a bill for each collaborator. 


Premium for Teams: a new leverage to boost your company communication


Treat your collaborators to Premium.


Just $35.00 per month. Cancel anytime.

Up to 10 collaborators.