Seize the opportunity of file transfer to communicate with your customers, your partners and your teams


Enhance your world or brand

  • Customize your covers and add your logo
  • Customize your Smashs notification mail
  • Customize your Smashs links
  • The Smash brand doesn’t appear anymore and the web app operates as full white-label service: only the contents of your world or brand are made visible.

Enrich your internal communication and create promotional campaigns

  • Setup your campaigns by selecting pictures or videos, text, a call-to-action button then a hyperlink
  • Plan and broadcast your campaigns according to the profiles of your customers, your partners and your teams
  • Track and analyze feedbacks on your campaigns and internal communication actions thanks to data reporting
  • The contents of your campaigns will be made visible during the uploading and downloading of your files. The feedback analysis will enable you to measure the impacts.

When you share your contents, strengthen the interactivity between your teams and with your customers and partners



You and your teams can:

  • Send files hassle-free (no volume and size limit)
  • Set the period of validity of your Smashs from 1 to 30 days
  • Activate/deactivate preview of the files sent to your recipients
  • Secure the access to your Smashs through a password
  • Access data reporting of the Smashs you or team collaborators of your business or public organization sent
  • Manage all the Smashers of your business or public organization with one single account
  • With that same account, enable all your collaborators to Smash from your URL: No need for user identification nor password
  • Still with that same account, enable your customers or partners to send you Smashs without them paying any credits (these credits will then be deducted from your account)
  • Smash Business is an easy-to-use service, without constraint and designed to manage an unlimited number of users.

The recipients of your Smashs can:

  • Preview files before downloading them
  • Access your files for a period of 30 days
  • Download all or a part of the files
  • Access over any desktop computer as well as on mobile
  • You’ll be making the practices of your recipients easier.

A service designed for businesses and
public organizations of any size


To start using Smash Business, simply create an account in less than 5 seconds!

To add new users within your business or public organization, no need to set up an account for each user. Simply register in your account all the mail addresses of your users.

It’s quite simple: each new user enters his/her email address in the appropriate field… in less than 3 seconds!