Smash is a Slack app for businesses of all sizes in every industry that unleashes their power to share files on Slack while simultaneously taking off the cap of file size limit. Send files regardless of their size on Slack with your teams, there’s just no limit!

By integrating the app on Slack, which acts as the reference point for team communication, Smash intends to become the greatest opportunity for businesses to share files within Slack’s channels, and make life easier for everyone.




  • Share the link to your Smash directly to specific Slack Users (Direct Message)
  • Share the link to your Smash directly to specific Slack Groups
  • Share the link to your Smash directly to specific Slack Channels
  • Add the Slack teams you’re part of to share files with collaborators from different businesses
  • Add a title and a comment to better describe the work you’re sharing with your collaborators


Getting started


To get started with Smash on Slack, simply click on this button that appears when you choose to share your Smash with Slack.

Capture d’écran 2017-08-04 à 12.04.40.png


Few steps are required to get set. After clicking on the «Sign in with Slack» button, all you have to do is authorize Smash to be integrated in your Slack team.



Once this is done, choose any Slack channel you wish to send your Smash to. Please note that there’s nothing more to do to as the personal information is fetched directly from your Slack settings.

Capture d’écran 2017-08-04 à 12.53.32.png


You’re all set! Now simply choose a title for your Smash, add a comment, as you would do on Slack and enjoy Smash!



Note: Add another team you’re part of by clicking the « + » icon and selecting it in the opened window, add as many teams as you want! To delete them, click the delete icon.