We give a great importance to the safety and privacy of your files and data. Our team is dedicated to safety using the most sophisticated tools and engineering practices to develop and manage Smash.

As most of online services, a very limited number of our employees is granted access to your data. More, we’ve set a strict set of rules and technical restrictions to prevent any access from the staff, apart from rare circumstances.

Please note we have also put up a few features that allow you to protect the access to your files.

Indeed, you’re able to lower down the period of validity as short as 1 day for your Smashs in addition with adding passwords to secure each of them (a feature reserved for Smash Business users). Consequently, your recipients can’t access your files unless you give them the password by any other mean (phone call, email, text message, …).

Finally, only the persons in possession of your Smash’ link may view your files.


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  • Smash uses the SSL/TLS protocol (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) to secure data while being transferred from the Smash application to the servers.
  • Amazon Web Services ensure data and files storage through their S3 service.
  • The servers storing files and data are located in the United States of America.
  • Files are automatically erased from the servers once expired.
  • Cookies are automatically erased from our servers after 13 months.

We’re currently working on two operations that are to be in effect before the middle of 2018:


  • The changeover of your European users’ files and data onto servers located in France, Germany, England and Ireland.


If you wish to keep updated about the operation status, follow us on Twitter @fromsmash