Smash is the first service in the world that allows all members of your team to easily send files, track them in real time and at the same time highlight your company.




Highlight your image or your brand.

Take advantage of your file transfers to showcase your image or your brand by personalizing transfers with your logo and wallpaper (image or video).


Showcase your work, project, product, ...

Use the time needed by your recipients to download your files to present your work, projects and products. Insert your own images, videos, text, and call to action buttons that link to your website or your social networks. Then track who clicks these buttons and measure their engagement.


Discover how some teams value their business when they submit their files.



Discover Smash features.

Unlimited file transfers / Unlimited file size
Real time downloads tracking
Files preview before the downloading
Files available for up to 365 days
Priority transfers
Files protection by a password
File transfer history
Collaborator Management


Choose the plan that’s right for you.


12,00 / month (cancel anytime)
or 120,00 / year (save 24 )
Up to 3 collaborators.
35,00 / month (cancel anytime)
or 350,00 / year (save 70 )
Up to 10 collaborators.
90,00 / month (cancel anytime)
or 900,00 / year (save 180 )
Up to 25 collaborators.



You’re in good company.



Contact us

If you are more than 25 collaborators and if you would like to talk to us, send us an email, a tweet, or a message on Facebook.


Happy Smashing!