Conceived for large enterprises and public organizations.


Simple and intuitive

Employees like Smash’s simplicity. Nothing to install, no need for identification, no limit on file size: Smash can be used to send and receive any file in a few clicks, without the need for training. And since Smash shortens the time spent transferring files, your staff members also increase their productivity.

Conformed and secured

IT teams are attracted by the security offered by Smash. Single sign on (SSO) service, activity logs, data encryption (at rest and in transit), detailed reports on the files sent and received: these are all functionalities offered by Smash to allow IT managements take control over file transfers. And if you ask whether Smash conforms to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the answer is yes.

Customizable and image-enhancing

Marketing teams appreciate the customization offered by Smash. With Smash, each transfer means an opportunity to communicate on your news, events or recruitment. Customize the page intended for your recipients to download your files, add your own logo, colors and waiting messages to place your brand to the fore.


A worldwide and secured infrastructure

We can host businesses around the world with our highly scalable 100% cloud platform hosted on Amazon Web Services: installed in 15 regions, High Availability Multi-Region, 24/7 support, and standby.


A client service at your service

We help you to take control of Smash, from its deployment to its utilization, with help articles, and hotline support by email and telephone. Our team answers your questions 7 days a week from Lyon.


You’ll be in good company


Tens of enterprises and public organizations have already transferred their files simply and securely thanks to Smash.


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