We are a french team dedicated to professionals, businesses and public organizations, and especially to the creatives working in these entities.


We created Smash as the result of a simple observation:

The digitization of the economy means companies are increasingly sharing rich content, which has generated a surge in the number of files they send.

Furthermore, digitization leads companies to constantly enrich their customer experience and to establish an empathetic and global relationship with their customers and their ecosystem.

They therefore need a powerful transmission service, as well as additional services to enrich their communication actions.

Yet there is no service on the market that meets these needs. Employees therefore resort to shadow IT, using free services (that contain advertising) that pollute their company’s image and do not ensure confidentiality. Very small businesses use these same services with the same effects because they consider that pay services offer too little value. 


To meet these new needs, we help companies vastly simplify the way they send their files (documents, images, video, audio) to their prospects, customers and partners.

More than this, we offer an innovative service that provides a powerful lever to enrich their communication and expand its reach, while improving both customer experience and business performance.

With Smash, companies and public organizations of all sizes can grow their awareness, strengthen their brand, and generate traffic and engagement on their websites and networks. They can also enrich their relationships with their prospects, customers and partners, and generate new business opportunities.

Whether they are creatives, marketing teams, communication departments, sales teams or support services, they all like Smash because, more than just pushing files, they all want to connect with their ecosystem.

We are proud to provide Smash to thousands of professionals, companies and public organizations, because Smash allows them to create more value by innovatively sharing their content.