Smash is the unique free and simplest way to send your files from one to many with no size limits. In addition, Smash allows recipients from any device to view photos/images, listen to music, watch videos and read documents… without downloading them directly.

During files uploading, Smash also helps you discover artists, designers, musicians and creative organizations through a full screen presentation without advertising.

Who we are

We are Olivier, Romaric and Rémi Gouedard-Comte, three creatives and also entrepreneurs located in Lyon, France and with a team of developers.

We are motivated not only to deliver an efficient and innovative interactive content sharing service but also to showcase creative and artistic generating an inspiration with no advertising. That is why our ambition is to build the file transfer service for the 21st century.

In this context, our challenge is twofold: to improve the global user experience for the creative community and contribute to make our society more creative and inspiring.

Why we built Smash

Frustrated for too many years by the limit in size imposed by traditional file transfer services and by the waste of time that it causes and also by the advertising pollution integrated in these services, we have decided to innovate: 

  1. Launching a new file transfer and sharing contents meeting different creative’s needs: professional and amateur photographers, musicians, audio and video producers, publishers, illustrators, designers, architects, engineers, marketers...
  2. Offering use model without any advertising but exhibiting cultural and artistic content which generates true inspiration.

Indeed, creative, more than internet users in general, don’t want to be inundated with generic or targeted advertising but would rather be continuously stimulated by a cultural enrichment, source of inspiration.

How Smash is innovating and truly different

1. An innovative and unique digital content interactive sharing service originally designed for creative

Creatives from around the world increasingly need to not only transfer but also share rich content (including documents, photo, audio, video…) through an interactive way. These uses are becoming larger and more frequent.

To meet their needs, Smash is the first free file transfer service in the world with no size limit which meets the sender and recipient expectations.

In addition, Smash is useful not only for file transfer but also to listen to music, view photos/images, watch videos and read documents.

The contents preview before downloading files enables both time saving and a stronger, more interactive collaboration between sender and recipient. Also today, with users being constantly on the move, mobile device access facilitates the preview of digital contents and makes them more reactive.

With its free offer, Smash aims to replace traditional file transfer by the file transfer service for the 21th century: a smart service for digital content sharing. Smash is smart because its features and interfaces are automatically customized according to the types of content shared (documents, image/photo, audio, video).

For example, sending an image file with audio files automatically generate an on screen display with a playlist or an album cover. Another example is sending image files automatically generates an on screen display with several photos like a collection presented in an order of chosen by the sender and not randomly. Generally sending several files with different format types automatically generate a presentation in a menu.

2. A new use model of file sharing service: making accessible artistic and creative contents instead of advertising

The most of the creative community no longer wants to be polluted by omnipresent advertising (generic or targeted) in their use of digital services but would rather prefer being stimulated by cultural enrichment and being inspired.

Moreover, we believe that in today’s world, creative work has to be accessible to anyone sharing digital contents.

In accordance with our vision, Smash doesn’t only transform file transfer with innovative features but above all revolutionizes the use of digital content sharing by replacing the advertising model by a cultural one: no advertising, rather than that, a background display presenting like in a gallery amazing art or other creative projects and works. Smash is also useful for discovering what is new in the creative world.

Thanks to this new model, Smash allows users, while waiting for their upload, to discover, instead of the usual advertising, creative works and immerse themselves into their universe which enriches their cultural knowledge and give them useful information about exhibits and events.

By proposing this new use model, we want to help make society more creative.

In the end, it makes Smash an attractive and powerful service, through its different value proposal, difference perceived and appreciated by the creative community which is our core target.

What’s the value of our brand

Our Smash brand is based on 4 values:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Focused on uses
  3. Beauty and contents showcasing
  4. Stimulating creativity and inspiration

Creative use Smash because its features are innovating but also because its interfaces and background integrate an artistic and cultural dimension.

How we pay our bills

The free offer will remain always free!

Nevertheless, we will launch a premium offer soon. Besides the possibility to customize its own brand, the premium offer will include more features and new interfaces automatically adapted according to the different types of files (documents, images, videos, audio) and the diverse needs of users.

Our premium offer will be based on a range of richer features than the free offer and therefore it will improve the global creative community experience for interactive content sharing that incorporates all types of formats.

In order to build an attractive offer, we've set up a special platform so you can voice your ideas or suggestions to us. Go to: Smash Ideas.

You can also communicate with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Join us!

Our project is growing very fast and we have a ton of ideas to make it even better. That’s the reason why we are looking for creative and talented people to bring Smash at the top of its game: so, if you want to join a fast-growing team which aims to impact the creative world tremendously, please get in touch (