Smash is simple

Simple, since unlimited. Send files in a few clicks, without worrying about their size. Simple, since intuitive. Your recipient can consult a preview of the files you have sent them before deciding to download them — even from their smartphone.


Smash is fast

The files you send by Smash are hosted near you, on servers located in the country in which you are located — in London if you are in UK. Since your files are stored close by, they arrive at the destination faster. And since your files travel only a short distance, your transfers consume less energy.


Smash is secured and complies with GDPR

We don’t take security and respect for your private life lightly. What’s more, we didn’t wait for GDPR to handle data confidentiality with rigor. Your files don’t remain on our servers forever; they are automatically deleted after several days. And, while they are on our servers, we encrypt them to guarantee their security.

You can sleep in peace; your files are in good hands and no one can peek at them — not even our team.

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Smash is image enhancing

Smash lets you do more than send a file from point A to point B. Our features allow you to customize the page that your recipient will see and the loading messages that will be displayed when they download the files. Imagine us like a postman who also promotes you on every round, for every delivery.


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